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WipeOut Pure Secret Download Codes

If you haven't checked out the Download menu in WipeOut Pure recently, you might want to give it another look. A couple weeks ago, Sony included a "Secret Packs" option on the menu, which now leads to some juicy bonus content.

After you select "Download" and connect to the Internet, click the usual "Downloads" option and accept the agreement to go to the download packs menu. You'll see "Secret Packs" as one of the choices.

But, wait, it's asking for a code! No worries, we've got 'em.

Use the X button to cycle through the symbols on the right. Set them to match one of the codes below to gain access to that particular secret pack download.

Jak X Racing Pack: Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Daxter Pack: Circle, Square, X, Triangle
Socom 3 Pack: X, Triangle, Circle, Square
Socom Fire Team Bravo Pack: Triangle, Circle, Square, X

Each pack contains one new ship and a theme for the game's menus.

For some reason, each download kicks you back to a blank screen, so you'll need to press start and select "quit," and then return to the menu in order to download subsequent packs.

Awesome! The game has been out for nearly a year and we're still getting free downloadable content for it.

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