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First Tekken: Dark Resurrection PSP Screens

Now that the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, Namco seems intend on inundating the world with information and screenshots for its upcoming PSP fighting game, Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

Yesterday, the game was officially announced and given a non-specific Summer 2006 release date. Owing to the subtitle, "Dark Resurrection," the game is based on the recent arcade release of Tekken 5, but it will also include additional characters, modes, scenery, and costumes not found in its arcade counterpart. Right now, Namco is saying that the character roster will top out at 35 characters (Armor King is back!). Sorry, no online mode, but there will be multiple single player modes, mini-games, and, of course, an ad hoc wireless mode for local multiplayer matches.

Topping yesterday's announcement, today the company distributed a massive pack of direct feed screen captures to media outlets… many of which we're pleased to pass along to our loyal readers.

We've selected the best of the best from hundreds of screens and have put together a screenshot collection for your viewing pleasure (45 images, 3 pages).

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