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Sony Showing UMD Movie Player

We all know you can use the PSP as a movie player, by purchasing and watching special UMD-Movie discs that are sold at many major retailers. According to an article recently published in the magazine

though, sales of the UMD format have begun to wane. Many believe that the reason for the format's slump has to do with the fact that movie-watchers can only view UMD movies on the PSP and not on their televisions at home.

In response, Sony has developed a prototype set-top UMD player, which the company has been showing off to Hollywood execs in a bid to rekindle interest in the format. There aren't any definitive plans to release the UMD player yet. Likewise, a name for the unit and a price have yet to be set.

We can confirm, however, that contrary to rumors that have begun sprouting up on various web sites, that the UMD player Sony has shown is a stand-alone product and is not (repeat: is not) an adapter that will connect the PSP to a TV to allow games and movies to be viewed on a big screen.

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