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Google Video Now Caters to the PSP

recently announced that it would be providing pay content via its Google Video service. These premium buys, though restricted to the US, consist of a varied selection of clips and full-length material. Popular CBS programs, NBA games, historical videos and documentaries from ITN, independent films, music videos from Sony BMG, and some PBS-style educational and news programs make up the launch listing. Google has stated that these videos could be downloaded in the PSP's mp4 format. Though you'll likely still have to change the filename to something that the portable recognizes, as you do whenver using its video applications.

Not willing to pay for content, though? Well, most of the free content features the option to download videos formatted for the PSP. All you have to do is go to a video's page and, where it says you can download it to your computer, choose Sony PSP from the drop-down menu.

All of this Google content combined with the upcoming Sony Connect service means that you'll be able to watch a lot more on-the-go than action and comedy UMDs. People initially seemed to doubt the PSP's capabilities as a portable media unit, but its viability seems to be growing quickly in recent months and pre-formatted content like that offered on Google Video shows that providers are willing to work with consumers in supporting the system, as well.

If you're interested, you can head straight to the Google video site right now !

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