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Gran Turismo 4 PSP Re-Slated for 2006

Without much fanfare, the release date for Gran Turismo 4 Mobile on Sony's official Japanese-language PSP web site was changed over the weekend from "2005" to "2006."

Obviously, all this means is that Sony and Polyphony Digital didn't ship the game in 2005 and plan to do so sometime in 2006.

Psychologically speaking, however, many of us are bouncing with hope that the change means that Sony will finally unveil the game at the many trade shows and media events that are scheduled during the coming months.

GT4 for PSP at E3 in May? Wouldn't that be nice?

We called up Sony Computer Entertainment's North American branch to see if we could squeeze more information out of them, but were rebuffed with numerous variations of "no comment."

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