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Gradius Coming to PSP

Good news for fans of the side-scrolling space shooter genre–Konami has announced that they're working on a multi-game pack for the PSP entitled Gradius Pocket.

Gradius Pocket will contain five games in all:

Gradius (originally in arcade and NES)
Gradius II (originally for NES, in Japan only)
Gradius Gaiden (originally for PlayStation)
Gradius III (originally for PlayStation 2)
Gradius IV (originally for PlayStation 2)

The two NES games will be enhanced so that more of the screen is viewable. Every game on the disc will be upgraded with new gameplay options, including difficulty and hit box settings, as well as a save system that will let players save anywhere at anytime.

Gradius Pocket will ship to Japan in February 2006. Konami hasn't announced a release date for North America yet, but our contacts at the company suggest that late spring / early summer 2006 is likely.

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