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Practical Intelligence Quotient Announced

D3Publisher of America, the North American subsidiary of Japan's budget-friendly D3 Publisher, has announced its first release for the PSP.

PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient is a 3D puzzle game that tests players problem solving skills, gives them a unique IQ score, and then lets them compare their score with other players from around the world.

Developed by Nowproduction of Osaka, Japan for D3PA, the game uses a measuring system that was created under the guidance of Professor Masuo Koyasu of Kyoto University in Japan that measures players 'Practical Intelligence Quotient' or PQ. Players can challenge 100 3D logic puzzles by moving blocks, avoiding walls and lasers, pulling switches and maneuvering with maps to reach their goal and solve the puzzle. As players solve the puzzle within a shorter time frame and with fewer moves, their PQ scores improve. Players can then post their PQ score using the PSP system's Infrastructure Mode to receive a worldwide ranking.

PSX Extreme actually previewed PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient a few months ago under its Japanese title, Intelligent License. We never thought a company would publish the game in North America, let alone D3. Wild.

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