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PSP 2.0 Firmware Available

After a week-long delay, Sony has finally made the PSP 2.0 Firmware update available for download.

Firmware 2.0 adds a number of new features to the system, including a web browser, WEP & WPA WiFi security, user-changeable backgrounds, and support for additional audio and video CODECs.

There are two ways to get the update…

1) Point your browser to and download the file onto your PC. Using a USB to mini-USB cable, copy the file onto your PSP's Memory Stick and run it to install the update.

2) Plug your PSP into the wall with the AC Adapter, turn it on, and select "Network Update" from the PSP's settings menu. Once the file is downloaded, run it from the Memory Stick to install it.

You'll need about 20MB free on your memory stick to install the update.

If you want the update and don't have the proper cable or WiFi, don't worry–we've been told that PSP games shipping in October-or-later will include the 2.0 update.

FYI… we've received reports that the US 2.0 update can't be installed over the Japanese 2.0 update, and that the 2.0 update removes the ability to run "homebrew" applications from the memory stick.

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