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WipeOut Pure PSP Downloads Available

In the hustle and bustle during E3, we plum forgot to inform our readers of the new WipeOut Pure download content that Sony made available just prior to the show.

If you go to right now, or access the "Download" menu option from within the game, you'll be taken to a page that offers Gamme Pack 1 for download.

Gamma Pack 1 contains three items — 1) A new course, called Staten Park. 2) A new craft, the Tigron. 3) A new interface skin, featuring the Piranha team.

When you download the pack from within the game, it will automatically be saved to the appropriate spot on the memory stick. Alternatively, if you do not have wifi access, you can download the pack to your PC and follow the directions on the website to upload the pack onto your PSP using a USB cable.

Keep in mind, this pack is 3.6 MegaBytes in size, so you'll need at least that much space free on your memory stick.

Future updates will be released roughly once per month. We've been told that the final tally will include 12 additional levels, 4 ships, and roughly a dozen or so new skins. Ultimately, you'll need approximately 50MB of free memory stick space to store all this stuff, so if you're using the stock 32MB stick, you may want to buy a larger one.

Also, music downloads and a music editor will be made available on the WipeOut Pure web site in the coming months. These downloads will require additional space above and beyond the 50MB necessary for the track/ship content.

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