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PSP Tops 10 Million Sold In Japan

Early in its lifespan, the PSP suffered under the expansive shadow of the Nintendo DS. However, Sony's handheld has picked up steam as of late, and according to a recent press release, the PSP has now sold over 10 million units in Japan.

Spurred on by the likes of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G , which has sold well over 2 million copies already, plus the heavy release of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII , the PSP has really shot up the charts in 2008. Last year, when the PSP Slim appeared to replace the old model, it marked the start of this significant upward swing in hardware sales. And it helps that it's available in 7 cool colors in Japan, too! The press release further reminds us that over 580 titles are now available in the region, and more upcoming Japanese favorites – like Gundam Battle Universe and Phantasy Star Portable – are on the way. Lastly, SCEI plans to feature more appealing bundle packages, starting with the "PSP Metallic Blue Value Pack" and then followed by the "PSP Metallic Blue 1 Seg Pack;" both of which will offer a great deal with extra peripherals included. The packs go on sale starting this week, July 17.

Japan isn't the only region where the PSP has triumphed this year, but it's certainly most popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. Some were quick to give the PSP up for dead early on, but, in short…they were very, very wrong.

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15 years ago

this happens all the time, think about it all of sony's consels were rideculed at the begining of their production, but i the end, everybody buys the product. You shouldn't be suprised for the same thing to happen to the psp.

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