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MGS3 PSP Rumor Shot Down

The idea of a new Metal Gear Solid adventure for the PSP has generated plenty of debate over the past couple of days, thanks to a rumor started by Russian gaming site StarSniper. The rumor was picked up in the official PlayStation forums, and we brought you the story only hours later. But unfortunately, as it turns out, this rumor has no basis in reality.

As a reminder, here's the original rumor followed by the "acquired" information:

"The game is titled Metal Gear 3: Revolver Ocelot and it takes place between MGS: Portable Ops and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. It will feature some scenes from the original Metal Gear. The game uses a recruitment similar to MGS: PO and the main character is Revolver Ocelot, looking similar to both MGS3 and MGS1. Big Boss is not a playable character, but appears sometimes during the cut scenes supervising the construction of outer heaven."

After dropping this seemingly detailed and plausible set of details, it was revealed that this mysterious Revolver Ocelot would make an unannounced appearance at next month's E3. But thanks to a firm and clear denial from Kojima Productions' Ryan Payton over at the NeoGAF forums, none of this is true; he simply replied- "Sounds cool. Wish we made it." Of course, one could argue that it may not have been Payton on the forums saying that, but perhaps it's more likely that this rumor really isn't factual.

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15 years ago

That would have been awesome….

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