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Ready At Dawn Officially Drops PSP

We had heard that developer Ready at Dawn had planned to move beyond the limitations of the PSP and try their hand at other platforms, and now, it's official.

According to a brief update over at the company's website , the talented team is "now officially done with PSP development." Best known for one of the handheld's best titles in existence, God of War: Chains of Olympus , Ready at Dawn is also responsible for the very solid platformer, Daxter . They're calling this "the end of an era," solidifying the company's earlier statements that they'd be leaving the PSP and heading into uncharted territory on other consoles. They have yet to reveal any new next-gen projects, but rest assured we'll be excited to see what they have planned. After Chains of Olympus , we're confident in this studio's abilities, and as far as we're concerned, talent is talent…if they can do it on the PSP, they can do it elsewhere.

As soon as Ready at Dawn divulges new information concerning future projects, we'll be sure to let you know.

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16 years ago

god of war chains of olympus had amazing graphics as far as psp graphics go

15 years ago

Wow, Congratulations Ready at Dawn! Maybe now you can make 5 hour long games for the next Generation!

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