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XSEED And Marvelous Join Forces, Valhalla Knights 2 Revealed

According to a recent press release, Marvelous Entertainment and XSEED Games have formed a partnership, and their first joint product will be Valhalla Knights 2 for the PSP. It's currently scheduled for a "fall 2008" release, and it should make for a great addition to the handheld's lineup.

The sequel to Valhalla Knights , it will boast all new job classes, weapons, units, races, and more, which definitely comes as good news to RPG fans. You'll be participating in some fairly intense 6-on-6 battles, and if you ever get bored of the single-player campaign (which might take a while), you can always summon a friend to partake of the action. (source- IGN)

"Valhalla Knights 2 will carry on the legacy its predecessor established as a beloved game in any RPG player's library," said Ken Berry, marketing and sales rep for XSEED. "We appreciate this game being the first in our co-publishing partnership with Marvelous Entertainment as it will help to set the quality standard high for all future games coming out of this deal."

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII might get the easy "RPG of the Year" award for the PSP, but don't discount VH2. This is one sequel that has plenty of potential, and the production may benefit further from this new partnership.

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16 years ago

Interesting, looks like the PSP is turning in to a good RPG platform. I will look in to this game more.

16 years ago

Portable RPGs is what helps make the world go around. I've sped past countless boring meetings and presentations playing these, lol. People say it's a waste of time, but when your going through them in SPARE time… hehe.
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