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GDC 2008: PlayStation Store Going Portable

At first, the PlayStation Store was only available via the PlayStation 3. This became a problem early on, especially when we realized the first PS1 downloadable classics could only be played on the PSP, which required both the PS3 and the handheld. That was fixed rather quickly, though, as those PS1 classics can now be played on the PS3, and the opening of the PC PSP Store definitely helped. Now, PSP owners don't need a PS3 to jump on the Store; they just need an Internet-enabled PC.

But obviously, the next logical step would be to allow the PSP to access the Store on its own. And according to Sony's Chris Eden – speaking at this year's Game Developers Conference – this feature is on the way! That's right, PSP owners will soon be able to download games directly to their systems without having to use any other piece of hardware. "Access native PLAYSTATION Store on PSP via wireless hotspot," the slide at the event said. "Purchase and download content direct to PSP (no USB cable)." The PSP already went through a very slick redesign, it has awesome titles available (with more coming, like God of War: Chains of Olympus ), and soon, you'll be able to access the PlayStation Store from anywhere in the world!

For now, the launch of this feature is a big "TBA," but let's hope it arrives ASAP. As soon as more details drop, we'll be one of the first to deliver 'em to your eager eyes.

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16 years ago

Yeah, I downloaded some demos that were I thought only able to be downloaded via pc but when I checked the PS3 it had Patapon, Harvey Birdman, and another game for your PSP to download…and let me tell you, its a helluva lot faster than the PC download speed. Dunno why, try it yourself 🙂

16 years ago

This is fantastic for people that dont have a PS3, or if they arent always around a pc they can plug into, like if, say, they lose their usb cable. And Minishmaru, I love your pic!

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