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Homemade PSP Design Opens Eyes

The PSP is definitely on the upswing, and has been ever since the redesign later on last year. When this sleek handheld unit got lighter and slimmer, the sales numbers started to climb and we've still got the best software on the way ( God of War: Chains of Olympus , Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII , etc.). But what happens when an ambitious fan takes the redesign idea to a whole new level?

Well, we get this. Check out the latest homemade PSP design, which is actually very good. Yeah, we're not sure how our hands would respond to where the L and R triggers are, but other than that, it's one of the prettiest things we've seen in a long while. Maybe Sony wants to take a hint, here, especially if they're already thinking about the PSP2 . After all, a company can always use feedback in regards to a product, and this feedback basically says, "look how attractive the PSP can really be!" We doubt Sony is gonna pick this design up and implement it in the future, but that's okay, because it proves that some users have an innovative design mind.

Wouldn't it be sweet if the new PSP would look similar to this, though? The experts say we might have a touch-screen and the UMD might go the way of the dinosaur, so it's always fun to use our imaginations for the future. And that includes possibilities for cosmetic redesign.

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16 years ago

I could have sworn I posted this yesterday.

I love this thing. A couple things would need to be changed but come on guys this is an idea that isn't even pre-prototype yet. This is simply a design. It's not perfect but wow is it cool looking. The PSP is still the sexiest gaming handheld ever, but if this thing became a reality you couldn't even make a decent argument against it.

16 years ago

I really doubt they would cut the UMD out. Sony doesn't seem to get that most of their propriety formats aren't appealing out of Japan (MiniDisc or Hi-MD anyone?). I wish they do things to improve it if they are gonna keep the UMD like more caching or faster read speeds.

16 years ago

I think that there is zero doubt that UMD as a media delivery format fell on its face incredibly hard. But as a game format for portable devices it is amazing. The protected disc works very well for the type of disc drive in the PSP. The only downside is that it is a large disc compared to the DS's small cartridge. My money is on Sony putting there games on copy protected Memory Sticks.

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