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Buzz! Trivia Series Going Portable

The Buzz! series is very popular amongst trivia fanatics, but up until now, they couldn't bring their favorite virtual game show on the road.

Previously only for the PS2, Sony has revealed they will be bringing Buzz! to the PSP this summer, and this title should fit nicely into the handheld's library. Developed by Relentless Software, the handheld version will allow 1-6 players to test their trivia knowledge by attempting over 5,000 questions covering topics ranging from music to celebrities to pop culture. But best of all, there are six new gameplay modes specifically designed for the portable Buzz! , and that includes the likes of Quickfire Challenge (speed is essential!), Picture This (whoa…like Pictionary?) and Virus Challenge (described only as "mind-boggling"). Yup, all new rounds for the fans, and each one is packed with plenty of pictures and videos.

The PSP is well known for having fantastic puzzle titles in its repertoire, so something like this makes perfect sense. It's a heck of a lot better than playing a million games of "20 Questions" when on those long car trips, right?

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