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Patapon To Be $19.99, Demo Soon Available

Patapon is easily one of the most interesting handheld titles we've ever seen; the combination of rhythm and strategy elements is unique and the zany premise is just plain hilarious. But if you're still not convinced, Sony has decided to give you further incentive.

According to recent info posted over at the official PlayStation blog, the new price for the game will be $19.99, which is normally reserved for the Greatest Hits or budget titles. Obviously, this is good news for consumers, and if you're still not convinced, you can simply pre-order the game at GameStop (don't worry, you can always cancel it later) and receive a free playable demo! The demo features several levels of the game and a demo-only weapon known as the Spear of Protection. And best of all, players will be able to save any progress they make in the demo and transfer it to the full game, which means that "demo-only" weapon suddenly becomes available! …but only to those smart enough to pre-order the game.

hits retail shelves on February 26 and according to IGN, the demo will be available with your pre-order "within a week or two." So keep checking back with your local GameStop and get an early look at one of the most original concepts we've seen in years.

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