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DivX Headed To PSP?

DivX is certainly making the rounds in this new generation, isn't it? First the PlayStation 3, and now, the popular Internet service is apparently heading to Sony's sleek handheld, the PSP.

According to GamingInsider, a Sony employee revealed that the PSP would be receiving DivX Certification in an upcoming firmware update. DivX will allow users to download movies and TV shows through the PC PSN Store, or from the Store on the PS3, or from third-party online retailers, so it's a diverse little product. Sony has been working on increasing the functionality for the PSP – especially since the redesign last year when they upgraded to the PSP-2000 – and this is only the latest in a long line of appreciated updates. Those of you who have yet to purchase the handheld should check up on all the acquired news of the past few months, because you're definitely missing out. And remember, they've got some awesome software lined up for 2008!

DivX for PSP is right around the corner, provided this information is accurate. We should see it some time within the next two months; it will be included in firmware update 4.0. We'll let you know when/if Sony confirms this.

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14 years ago

latest divx codec is based on mp4 codec
you can convert your divx to psp video format using psptivi

Last edited by kato99 on 3/15/2010 10:58:58 AM

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