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“Bite-Sized” PSP Games Scheduled For Store

The PlayStation Store has brought about a lot of interaction between the PlayStation 3 and PSP, and there should be a lot more of that in the future. Sony has already introduced the PC version of the PSN – it allows PSP owners to download content from the Store without a PS3 – and it seems Sony plans even more in the way of a PS3/PSP bridge.

According to Kotaku and the PSP's senior product manager John Koller, we could be seeing "bite-sized" PSP content on the PlayStation Store, designed to entice the PS3 owner to pick up a PSP. See? It's kinda like turning the tables.

"We have an opportunity to bring bite-size experiences to the system, ten minute, pick up and play content that can be downloaded from the store," Koller said, evidently as a way of expanding the PSP's targeted demographic. Furthermore, Sony wants to bring back some of the ol' PSP classics that most retailers simply don't carry anymore. These too would be on the Store and available for download, which should further work to entrench the PlayStation brand. As far as Sony is concerned, far too many gamers don't own both the PS3 and PSP, so they're gonna give you as many reasons as possible to have both in the home.

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