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Blu-Ray Movies On The Go With PSP

We all know the PlayStation 3 is a Blu-Ray player – if you don't, we can't understand what you're doing at a gaming site in the first place – but being able to take our Blu-Ray movies on the go? That's news to everybody.

Sony made a few interesting announcements at CES 2008, but none were more intriguing than the ability to insert a Blu-Ray movie into the PS3 and then transfer a copy of that movie to a PSP or Memory Stick. Sony unveiled this feature as the "next level of disc copying," according to PC World, as this is just one small part of the yet-to-be-fully-realized "BD Live" functionality. It's a service that will allow users to download all kinds of new content to their Blu-Ray players, and obviously, this includes the PlayStation 3. President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment David Bishop had this to say about the portable Blu-Ray idea and the promise of "greater interactivity"-

"This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you. There was always the promise of greater interactivity. You'll see that coming in the new year."

We have no idea when this feature will arrive or what additional costs may be involved, but we'll try to get an answer from SCEA on this ASAP. It's the most advanced form of home theater technology out there, and to have it on your PSP…well, that's pretty sweet, wouldn't you say?

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