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PSP To Gain Skype Support Soon?

Sony has been working hard to increase the functionality and community infrastructure of the PSP, and handheld users have certainly appreciated their efforts in 2007. However, Sony isn't done upgrading and enhancing just yet, as the latest news says Skype will soon become available on the sleek portable gaming device.

Skype, the popular online communication service, would be a welcome addition to the PSP, and it seems its unveiling is inevitable. If you check the official site for Sony's Consumer Electronics Show 2008, you'll see the evidence up close and personal. Ubergizmo has gone one step further and highlighted the text in question, as well as providing a brief video that offers more proof. Here's one of the features listed for the PSP at Sony's CES 2008 site-

"Call friends, trash talk fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for the PSP system."

As always, Sony doesn't announce anything "until there's something to announce," so this isn't official. However, if it's on their "official site" for CES, than how can we really consider it a rumor? No, the words aren't directly from a Sony representative's mouth, but this is the next best thing.

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