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PSP Gets More Support

Newshounds, rejoice! ABC News is almost ready to add another facet of media to your PSP.

Starting with their “Ahead of the Curve” tech show, ABC News will be offering free downloadable news content for the PSP in the future. This will include video news snippets and will be available on-demand; however, no firm date has been set for the launch of this service, which will be available via the ABC News website.

In related news, 20th Century Fox is believed to be getting close to releasing some UMD movies for the PSP. Video Business Online says that Dodgeball, Predator, Super Troopers, I, Robot, and the cult hit Napoleon Dynamite could be the first titles to see release. The same source also mentioned that two other notable movie companies—Universal Studios and Paramount—are also in negotiations with Sony.

And you thought that the PSP was just for games… keep checking back with us for the latest developments.

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