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Patapon Marches Into US This February

If you want originality, sometimes it's best to look at the handhelds. Sony Computer Entertainment America announced today that the colorful and very unique Patapon would be arriving in North America exclusively for the PSP in February 2008. It's described as "rhythm-based action blended with abstract art," and if that's not enough to intrigue you, nothing is.

The game plays out as a 2D platform/action-adventure (yes, we're still combining genres for this description), where you take charge of a mystical leader guiding a tribe of zany little dudes called Patapons. While marching in time to the music, you will lead a charge against opposing enemies and monsters in an attempt to locate the far end of the world. The Patapons will respond to drumbeats – used as commands – which will allow you to issue simple retreat, attack and defend orders. Now, believe it or not, Patapon goes a step further and institutes a warrior selection and upgrade system, which adds a great deal of depth. Not only can you choose your leader, but you can also select from a wide variety of weapons and shield upgrades, all the while planning out a strategy for the next mission. French graphic artist Rolito created this world, and it's definitely one worth checking out.

“Patapon is a unique experience for gamers of all ages because it combines two key forms of entertainment: rhythm and music, and stellar platforming action,” said Jeff Reese, director, software marketing, SCEA. “Music is a huge part of the PSP’s multifunctional feature set, and we are excited to deliver a new genre of music and action gaming that further adds depth to the PSP software lineup.”

We'll even get five music-based mini-games that will let us earn additional upgrades, and with archers, infantry, cavalry and over 100 weapon/shield/item upgrades available, Patapon is one intriguing title. Again, remember to look for it this February when it hits North American retail shelves.

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