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Store Content On PSP: No PS3 Required

Most of you know you can download content from the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and transfer it to your PSP. However, what about all those people who have a PSP but not a PS3? Well, there is finally a solution.

According to the Game-Life blog, the PlayStation Network Downloader allows you to purchase and download all that content you crave (demos, movies, PS1 classics, etc.) while on your PC. Once downloaded, you can make the simple transfer to the PSP, and you can even pick up full UMD titles like Wipeout Pure ! However, those will – not surprisingly – only be playable on the PSP and not the PS3. If you haven't yet managed to pick up the PS3, you've just found a way to access a whole ton of content, and without the added $399 or $499 cost. Of course, we do recommend getting a PS3 at some point – can't go playin' PS3 demos on the PSP, after all – but this will do for now, right?

Now, if you do have a PS3 but still want to use the Downloader, you'll use the same account and the money will be withdrawn from the same Store funds. But obviously, this is primarily for those who have the handheld, but not the required console.

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