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Sony Ships Socom: Tactical Strike

Socom has long been one of Sony's most popular franchises now, and has also garnered a lot of fans on the PSP. Now comes the release of the third portable game, Socom Tactical Strike, and it marks a slight departure from the original formula.

With an increased emphasis on, you guessed it, tactic, this all new Socom can be described as one of the deepest entries of the series. Single-player alone will feature over 20 hours of gameplay, so you're money isn't going to waste there. On top of that, you know Sony/Slant Six didn't skimp out on online gameplay, either.

"We are very excited by what we have accomplished with SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Tactical Strike," said Seth Luisi, Director of Development, SCEA. "This PSP exclusive title offers the most realistic portrayal of Special Operations' team tactics and strategy seen to-date, while continuing to deliver the kind of excitement that the SOCOM franchise is known for. We feel strongly that established and new SOCOM fans alike will find that this game delivers an exhilarating experience enhanced by some of the most impressive graphics seen on PSP so far."

Socom: Tactical Strike will be available in most stores tomorrow afternoon, and fans of the series should really find themselves enjoying the game.

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