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Red PSP Bundles For Japan And Europe

Sony is coloring up for the holidays. Not only have they introduced the newly designed PS2 that comes in three fresh colors, but they also plan to release a couple new PSP models for Japan and Europe.

The first comes in a Spider-Man PSP Pack for Europe, which features a bright red PSP with black buttons and copies of both the "Spider-Man 3" game and UMD movie. At this time, we're not exactly sure when it will arrive in European stores, but it's destined to be a big Christmas seller. Rumors have been swirling about a possible The Simpsons Game PSP package, which would theoretically include a yellow PSP and copies of the game and movie. That, however, has not been confirmed by Sony.

The second new-color model – the one for Japan – has been confirmed, though, and it's a deep red PSP that will ship on December 13. Consumers will have a couple options for purchasing this one: they can either get the one that includes a pouch, hand strap and 32MB memory stick, or the one that comes with a Sig TV tuner, stand and 1GB memory stick. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether a red PSP will eventually land in North America, but we'll keep you posted. Don't leave us hangin', Sony!

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