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Rumor: PSP Video Download Service Confirmed?

Sony's press conference at the Games Convention 2007 should start in about 45 minutes (if we've got the time zone conversion correct), but before it even begins, those in attendance have already stumbled onto something pretty big regarding the PSP.

According to Kotaku, they were walking by the Sony booth as the executives were rehearsing the conference, and they saw a very tell-tale slide: it showed a PSP Video Download Service option on the screen, and while they didn't "hear any particulars," it's certainly a feature that would enhance the PSP's appeal. Furthermore, they said they heard something about a FIFA tournament for the PS3, and they speculated that the head of FIFA might actually speak during the press conference.

The bigger of the two rumors is certainly the PSP Video Download Service, and we'll be hoping to hear more of that during their conference. Last month, Sony told us all to expect "fireworks" at this year's GC, so obviously, we're certainly excited to hear what they've got planned for the PS3 and PSP.

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