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Amazon Offers Three PSP Slim Pre-Order Packages

You all heard of the announcement at E3; a slimmer, more efficient PSP is on the way, and is already offering three packages for pre-order. That's right, you can land one of these bad boys even a few months before they release!

The first of the three PSP-2000 packages is the Sony PSP Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Entertainment Pack Bundle, which you can pre-purchase now for $200. Obviously, this is the one Chewbacca was referring to when he popped up on stage at E3, and this bundle includes that white PSP slim with Darth Vader's avatar. It will be ready to ship on October 23.

The second is the Sony PSP Daxter Entertainment Pack Bundle, and while the wise-cracking former sidekick doesn't have his likeness plastered all over the PSP, you do get a sweet silver gloss on the machine. This one is also available for pre-order will also cost you $200. The third and final package is the standard classic: the Sony PSP, redesigned and all ready to go in classic Black. If you don't care too much about those fancy packages, this is your best option, and will run you $170. So do yourself a favor and pre-order now! These last two bundles will be available earlier than the Star Wars pack; both the Daxter pack and the regular Black PSP will be available on September 10.

This fall is definitely shaping up nicely for those seeking to dive into handheld gaming!

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Buy PSP Go
Buy PSP Go
15 years ago

Now amazon have started pre-orders for the PSP Go!

Last edited by Buy PSP Go on 6/15/2009 4:05:54 AM

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