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Sony Wants To Bring PlayStation Home To PSP

According to a recent interview with MTV, SCEA marketing boss John Koller has said Sony plans to bring their upcoming virtual online world, PlayStation Home, to the PSP. We knew the company was pushing PS3/PSP connectivity, but we had no idea they were planning to take it quite this far.

"Intuitively, if you take the PSP with you, you would want to take some of Home with you," Koller said. Right now, they have no concrete plans regarding the exact process, but this PS3-PSP Home transfer remains a definite goal. At this point, it seems probable that we'll see at least some portion of Home on the PSP, and perhaps not long after the service launches on the PS3 this fall. Of course, we'd all like to get a glimpse of this virtual world before they start tooling around with it, but hey, taking a proactive approach to the future is generally a good thing.

Sony has already announced the newly redesigned handheld at this year's E3, and if this comes through, it would be another huge announcement. The PSP continues to lag way behind the Nintendo DS, but with something like Home on Sony's handheld – even in a limited capacity – that gap could definitely narrow very quickly.

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