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Hitman: Absolution Devs Making “Some Bold Moves”

IO Interactive has a fancy new Glacier 2 engine and a whole lot of changes in store for the Hitman franchise.

Usually, when the hardcore fans hear “changes,” they begin to get suspicious. But with Hitman: Absolution, the developers say they definitely aren’t “playing it safe” and everyone involved “wants to make the best Hitman game they possibly can.” Game director Tore Blystad says that in fact, bold moves aren't only warranted, they're necessary.

"We’re taking bold moves with this one but it’s all for the sake of the game. Everyone on the team wants to make the best Hitman game they possibly can. Most people came to IO because they want to work on Hitman so it’s not like we want to destroy the franchise. We want to make something really cool."

At the same time, though, those aforementioned fans are still a little miffed at certain fresh features. If you’re a fan of the series and stealth games in general, what do you think of the slightly new direction seen in Absolution? And how’s about that sweet E3 CG trailer?