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Manipulate Gravity And Solve Puzzles In Rochard For PSN

"Side-scrolling puzzle platformer." …haven't seen that description in a while.

Today, Recoil Games and Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced Rochard , the aforementioned side-scroller that will soon be coming to the PlayStation Network. Scheduled to release this spring, we follow "the heroic space adventures of astro-miner John Rochard as he manipulates gravity in inventive ways to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and bring down the most evil of bosses."

Featuring all sorts of crowd-pleasing elements, from "big explosions and even bigger stunts" to "sharp one-liners," the game will have players utilize gravity to solve environmental puzzles. We'll have the "upgradable G-Lifter" at our disposal; it can be used to lift and move heavy objects around, and eventually, players can use it to jump and propel themselves "huge distances" in each level.

Said Recoil Games Creative Director Burt Kane:

"We have been working on Rochard for some time now and we're very excited to start showing this clever, funny, unique adventure title to PlayStation Network gamers. The hero, John Rochard, is no marine or super soldier, but just a tough, ordinary miner with a mustache, placed in an extraordinary situation. The combination of its humorous style, explorative space antics and the player's ability to manipulate gravity will really make Rochard stand out."

Rochard and his team accidentally find an ancient structure hidden deep in an asteroid, and it proves mankind isn't alone. The team then goes missing and John finds himself stranded. Then space pirates attack the mine and Rochard must fend off the invading force with "everyday mining tools and a healthy dose of sarcasm." It certainly sounds like fun; stay tuned to the game's official site for more information.

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13 years ago

Sounds like this would have been an awesome full 3 dimensional title, too bad its a side scrolling downloadable game.

13 years ago

Saw a porn with the same name 🙂

13 years ago

Haha i'm sure you did.

13 years ago

Side-scrolling puzzle platformer?
its about f*cking time!
thank god, the genre is not dead after all!
i know i always skip PSN games because i dont have enough download usage, but ill definitely be making a exception for this.
finally a puzzle game!
better yet a side scrolling puzzle game!!!!!!!
and here i was thinking portal 2 would be the only puzzle game for the year.
thank god there are developers out there that do understand theres other genres out there besides shooters!

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