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Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Coming To PS3

There may not be a large number of games available at the PlayStation Store right now, but Bandai Namco is going to ensure more activity very soon.

According to Japan's Famitsu Weekly, the company will release a version of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection for download via the Store. As of yet, there is no release date or price, but Sony has gone on record saying that downloadable titles shouldn't exceed $14.99.

Apparently, this version is inspired by the arcade update for the recent PSP installment. There is other good news as well; Dark Resurrection will boast 1080p visuals, plus the appearance of the boss, Jinpachi, as a playable character. Furthermore, all those great gameplay modes found in the arcade game (Ghost Battle, Arcade Battle, Gallery, etc.) should be updated and enhanced.

Because there haven't been any announcements regarding a Tekken 6 , this should at least give fans of the legendary fighting series something to cheer about.

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