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Factor 5 To Produce Titles For PlayStation Store

Factor 5 is gearing up to make their PS3 debut with Lair , but at the same time, the developer will be working on a few other things for the PlayStation Store.

According to studio co-founder and president Julian Eggebrecht in a brief interview with Gamasutra, Factor 5 will buckle down and begin development on several downloadable games for the PS3…once Lair is officially complete. Eggebrecht says it's the "biggest thing he's looking forward to" in 2007, and believes this form of market e-distribution has a ton of potential.

Thus far, the development house has several claims to fame, including the GameCube's heralded franchise, Star Wars Rogue Squadron . In existence for over 20 years now, one of their first big hits was 1990's Amiga shooter, Turrican . So here's hoping both Lair and these upcoming arcade titles will help to contribute to Factor 5's reputation.

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