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Armored Core 4 Delayed In Japan

It follows on the heels of the one-week MotorStorm delay, but at least this delay is equally minimal.

Today, From Software has announced a small delay for one of the PS3's most anticipated – and one of the only – 2006 titles in Japan, Armored Core 4 . Initially slated for a December 14 release, AC 4 will also get a one-week delay and hit stores on December 21.

Company representatives cited "general circumstances" as a reason for the delay, although they declined to specify those "circumstances." When MotorStorm was pushed back, the developers were similarly vague, although they at least cited "production issues."

Hopefully, Sonic the Hedgehog won't be the third title to follow this trend of 7-day delays, because if it does, it won't make it out for Christmas. Cross your fingers…

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