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EA Hits Predictions Despite PS3 Shortages

Well, at least the world's biggest game publisher isn't suffering from the extreme PS3 shortages.

According to Electronic Arts CEO Larry Probst, despite Sony shipping far fewer PS3s than expected, EA's overall holiday sales to this point have met or even slightly exceeded his expectations. The company's total sales outlook remains positive, but the PS3 shortage and disappointing sales of Superman Returns: The Videogame knocked the company's shares down by almost 2%.

Probst says he knew demand for the PS3 would certainly outpace the supply, but he was surprised by the shipment cut for launch day (from 400k to less than half that). But by the end of this year, Probst does expect Sony to ship between another 500,000 and 800,000 units.

EA predicted overall sales to either go nowhere or fall 5%, but strong sales of Madden NFL 07 and The Sims have succeeded in raising the company's outlook to as much as +5%.

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