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Media Group To Issue Video Game Report Card

It's that time of year again, when one media group gets their chance to have their concerns heard and noted in the 11th annual Video Game Report Card, issued by the National Institute on Media and the Family. In the report card, the group rates parents', retailers', manufacturers', and the ESRB's efforts to keep "M"-rated games from falling into children's hands.

This year's list of games in the crosshairs is as follows:

Oddly absent from the list is the highly touted shooter, Gears of War , but whatever the reason, it has escaped the report card this year. We have yet to understand how the Institute selects the games to analyze every year…we keep trying to spot some kind of logical pattern, but it almost seems as if they're chosen arbitrarily. And as usual, we'll offer the typical and logical advice- all of those games have the "M" for Mature rating. That comes with an age restriction of "17+".

…seems awfully obvious, doesn't it, parents?

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