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Early eBay PS3 Numbers Arrive

Well, despite the insane number of PS3s available on eBay, it appears that sellers of Sony's new machine made an average of $600 profit. The early eBay numbers are in, courtesy of Next-Gen , and the stats are pretty impressive.

The console went for an average of $1,186 for the week of November 17 – November 24, which is significantly lower than the high three and four thousand-dollar prices we were seeing early on. Obviously, while the supply didn't exactly meet demand, it did bring the price down somewhat.

According to eBay's Marketplace Research, a grand total of 14,675 PS3s were sold online during the one-week period, and that's one hell of a staggering number. However, there were an estimated 32,000 PS3s on sale at one time, which can mean only one thing- there are plenty left.

With the retail price of the lower-end PS3 sitting at $499 and the high-end model at $599, it's clear that most PS3 sellers made about twice what the system's worth. But the longer they stay online and the more they become available in retail stores, the less profit they stand to make. So see if you can hold out just a little longer, would-be PS3 owners!

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