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PS3 Launch Satisfies Sony

It appears the massive shortages haven't rained on Sony's parade. SCE's Director of Corporate Communications, Dave Karraker, spoke favorably about the PlayStation 3 launch in an official statement released yesterday.

"Sony Computer Entertainment America couldn't be more pleased with the response we have seen from consumers since the launch of PlayStation 3 on Friday [November 17], stated Karraker. "This truly demonstrates the power of the PlayStation brand and further validates our belief that consumers see real value in an entertainment system that will define the next decade of digital entertainment. At this point, we are focused on getting as many new PS3s to the North American market as possible for the holidays, including airlifting systems to the territory on a constant basis. With PS3 manufacturing now running smoothly — and product being aired in weekly — we're focused on our goal of shipping a million units to retail by the end of the calendar year. Due to the immediate nature of these shipments, we will not be providing weekly updates on North American supplies."

Furthermore, Karraker outlined several interesting statistics- the two biggest selling games were Resistance: Fall of Man and Madden NFL 07 , the 60GB model outsold the 20GB model (well duh, 80% of all shipped PS3s were the 60GB model), and PS2 and PSP sales increased for the week; 29% for PSP and 24% for PS2.

But perhaps most encouraging are Karakker's comments regarding the holiday availability of the PS3:

"A new shipment has already arrived and will be available at retail by Black Friday. We are still focused on reaching our goal of 1 million units in the pipeline by Dec. 31 in the US."

Somehow, some way, it seems more and more likely that consumers might actually see PS3s on store shelves for the holiday season.

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