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Europe PlayStation 3 Site Goes Live

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has taken the wraps off of Sony's "This Is Living" ad campaign for the PlayStation 3, by creating a web site where visitors can view screen captures from upcoming games and watch short films devoted to highlighting different aspects of the hardware.

Today, the company put up the first two of six planned short films. The first, entitled "Storage," highlights the storage capacity of the BluRay format. The second, entitled "Real Life," shows a pair of boxers training, and then cuts to footage of the upcoming Resistance: Fall of Man.

The four remaining films will be put up in the coming weeks. Three of them will highlight the console's hi-def, processor, and motion-capture capabilities. The fourth will give a behind-the-scenes look at the forthcoming Heavenly Sword game.

Visit SCEE's official PlayStation 3 site here: .

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