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Change History with Fall of Liberty

Codemasters is teaming up with Spark Unlimited to pose the question: "What if Winston Churchill had died in the fateful accident which destroyed his legs?" That's the basis for their new alternate-reality FPS which takes place in 1950s America run by overrun by Nazis. Without the wisdom and forethought of Churchill, the German war machine plowed through Europe and took the fight right to the United States.

Large-scale battles will take place in familiar American landscapes and cities, with the ultimate goal being to stop a Nazi plot to drop the atomic bomb on New York. Though the FPS market is drowning in a sea of WWII-themed titles, Fall of Liberty does sound rather intriguing and, to be technical, it's post-WII.

Spark Unlimited's FPS epic is in development for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, but won't be out until at least Q4 2007.

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