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Rumors: Plan Ahead For PS3 Euro Launch

User "CWM" posted on a

(based on the magazine of the same name, MAN!AC) some European launch details he overheard that formulate a rather unorthodox release plan.

Though you'd have to know german to read the original post, we'll give you a translation of the important bits:

-The launch date remains the 17th of November, but only the €599 SKU will be available at the time.
-Pre-orders will begin next week and that will be the only way to secure youself a console until 2007, since there won't be an actual units on store shelves until then. This may be a way to circumvent the same sort of "riots" that occurred in some areas during the Playstation 2 launch.
-Pre-orders will be handled with Sony, so everyone who does so will be registered with the company.

Keep in mind that these are still rumors and they may or may not be restricted to Germany if they're true at all.

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