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Kaz Rebukes Launch Title Woes

Some publishers are upset about the future of their Playstation 3 titles. A report from

cites Sega of America and THQ reps on issues concerning the system's launch capacity. According to Simon Jeffrey of SoA, "there certainly will not be a lot of titles at launch." Complaints largely center around the claim that many developers do not yet have development kits, let alone the final hardware which is supposed to be in their hands next month.

Other bosses from leading publishers Activision, EA, and Ubisoft disagree, stating that they're happy with the way Sony has supported the development community thus far. Kaz Hirai, president of SCEA, has echoed their praise, stating that the PS3 will launch with around 15 titles.

As most new hardware launches are fraught with such problems, it would be a bit too soon to say exactly where within the spectrum the final amount of titles will be. Until then, it's all up to who you want to believe.

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