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Buggy Madden PS3 at E3 2006

I'd really love to tell you that I got to sit down with the upcoming Madden and offer insight into whatever subtle changes in gameplay they've made this year, to tell you how much sharper the animations, if any, really are, and all that jazz. But I won't, because Madden for the Playstation 3 is so broken at this particular point in time that there's no point in trying to critically assess the progress the game has made so far.

Another media colleague and I tried to figure out what, exactly, was wrong with the game. Why couldn't he kick a field goal? Why could I never pass to my R1 receiver? Why did the game lock up between every play, if only for a few seconds? Why did the game often just cut to a random shot of the upper end of the south stands of whatever stadium we were playing in?

Obviously this isn't what the final game is going to look or play like. EA consistently puts out Madden titles that, if not earth shattering, are at least passable sports games. If anything, the game should not have been on the show floor, because all it really did, in my mind, was cement the fact that the team working on the PS3 version of Madden are still learning the basics of the console's architecture.

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