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Cowherd Sounds Off On eSports Again

Former ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd got a lot of flak for criticizing competitive gaming and gamers in general. It prompted this piece of satire from us.

But Cowherd is at it again, this time working for Fox Sports and ripping into the pro gaming scene.

The comments are in response to TBS forming its own gaming league and planning to broadcast weekly matches, and Cowherd first says it's the "nerd equivalent of 'band on the field.'" Co-host Kristine Leahy interrupted by saying competitive gaming is a "huge deal" and is in fact "bigger than the Super Bowl in some countries." But Cowherd wouldn't be deterred; here's his mock play-by-play:

"Now he's going upstairs to his room, a room where a girl has never entered. He sits down–look at that Star Wars collection!–and goes to town on the Hot Pocket; there is your esports champion."

Yes, well, the sad part is he isn't entirely and completely wrong. It's true, competitive gaming is not a sport and I've said I can't stand watching it . But this Cowherd guy just sounds like a dope.