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Payday 2 And Its DLC Gets Price Cut

If you never tried it when it first came out, now you can buy it and save some pennies.

As developer Overkill Software announced, the cooperative shooter Payday 2 – and all its corresponding downloadable content – have received a price cut.

Check the link above for the entire list of discounted content; the full game can be purchased now for $20 instead of $30, and the GOTY Edition can be had for only $50 (formerly $80). Here's a statement from the team:

"Heisters, we're thankful for your support thus far. As we continue to develop Payday 2, working on additional free updates as well as paid DLC, we feel it's time to adjust the pricing of both Payday 2 as well as all DLC released during the first 16 months of its lifespan." ,/p>

And by the way, don't forget that 505 Games and Overkill will bring PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners the Payday 2: Crimewave Edition on July 16.

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9 years ago

well i got this on the steam sale last year cheap but a price cut is always nice for everyone so that cool

happy gaming

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