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Harada: Don’t Worry, Tekken X Street Fighter Is “Proceeding”

Don't worry, it's still in the works.

When Tekken X Street Fighter was announced back in 2010, series producer Katsuhiro Harada said they'd wait for just the "right time" to release it. Now, almost four years later, fighting fans everywhere are still waiting.

The good news is that during a San Diego Comic-Con panel (via Polygon ) Harada said the game is "proceeding." He added that between Tekken 7 , Rise of the Incarnates and the ongoing free-to-play titles Tekken Revolution and Soulcalibur: Lost Swords , it has been difficult to find time for Tekken X Street Fighter . Well, that's understandable.

If you've forgotten, Street Fighter X Tekken launched over two years ago. It was damn good, too.

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Banky A
Banky A
9 years ago

Yessss buddy. Everyone, their mothers and their sisters are waiting on this goldmine.

SFxT is essentially dead but still insanely fun so our group love to play it every Saturday!

I haven't played Tekken myself since Tekken 3 but I'm so excited to jump on it using my main man of Dignity, Dudley & teamed with Hwoarang.

9 years ago

I totally forgot about that game, but now I look forward to it again. Speaking of Street Fighter in 3d, did anyone here play the EX series? Was that any good?

9 years ago

While I'm more interested in Tekken 7 I'm still glad this is coming. I'm curious if it'll be using a PS4 engine. I feel there's a chance it could be a cross-gen port, seeing that fighting games on PS4 right now are still limited to only a PS3 port of Injustice

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