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God Of War: Ascension Multiplayer Free For One Week

Believe it or not, it has already been one year since God of War: Ascension landed on store shelves.

And to celebrate the one-year anniversary, Sony is giving away multiplayer downloadable content for free during the course of this week.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , players can nab weapon and armor DLC packs completely free of charge on the PlayStation Network. The deal is good between now and next Tuesday. On top of which, developer Sony Santa Monica has cut prices on its XP booster add-ons by 50 percent. In other words, there's no better time to jump into the online action!

You can also earn a PSN voucher code for a unique in-game tattoo and cape that boosts your character's health and attack power. That sounds like a worthwhile accessory!

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10 years ago

Ohhhh man. I sold most of my PS3 collection to get a PS4. That included this game. I knew I should have kept it. For those on the fence about the mp in this game, now is the time to grab some stuff and get a leg up. Very enjoyable, entertaining and super balanced.

10 years ago

Why would I go through all that trouble for a mediocre game I couldn't be bothered to finish in order to get into its pointless multiplayer addition?

No thank you.

10 years ago

well if u have to buy the game i ain't interested not one bit

happy gaming =)

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