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PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1 Features Two Great Games

Sports fans, this is for you.

Sony has announced the PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1 , a new PS3 bundle that boasts last year's extremely well-received NBA 2K14 and the upcoming MLB 14: The Show . It'll release on April 1 and retail for $89.99.

There's also $10 worth of in-game currency for both games; 6,000 STUBS for The Show and 20,000 in virtual currency for NBA 2K14 . If you were to purchase both games separately, once you factored in the extra in-game cash, it would cost you $130. However, don't forget that both games are available (or will be available) on the PlayStation 4 and Vita as well; the PS4 version of The Show won't ready to go until May 7, though.

As for NBA 2K14 , we were suitably impressed when the game launched last October. It's even better on PS4, but to get both NBA 2K14 and the new MLB 14 in the same package is wicked attractive for sports fanatics.