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Irrational Shares Their Proudest Moments Making Bioshock DLC

Irrational Games is no more, but we get one final product: The second piece of downloadable content for the acclaimed Bioshock Infinite .

It's Burial at Sea: Episode Two, the conclusion to the narrative-driven DLC. As Irrational won't be around for another project, they put together a brief video of their proudest moments experienced during the development of Episode Two.

Story-driven DLC is few and far between, what with multiplayer expansions dominating the digital world. Therefore, we very much appreciate all the work Irrational put into these two episodes. It's sad that they now have to move on, but we doubt any of them will have difficulty finding jobs. If you can put Bioshock on your resume, chances are, most big studios will definitely want you; it'll help even more if you've got a personal recommendation from former boss man, Ken Levine.