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Troy Baker On The Last Of Us 2: Of Course I’d Come Back

Naughty Dog is on record saying the possibility of a sequel to The Last Of Us is "50/50."

But if it does happen, at least one of the major actors is definitely on board. It's Troy Baker, who played leading man Joel in the award-winning PlayStation 3 exclusive. During a recent IGN interview , Baker said he's drawn to Naughty Dog because they tell excellent stories and aren't just out for more money:

"Of course [I'd come back]. What I love again is they're not going to tell a story if they don't have one to tell. The Last of Us is not a money grab. If there's a role for me in something in the future to do with The Last of Us, absolutely I would do it, twice on Sunday."

Baker added that he really loved the recently released Left Behind DLC , saying it was "two of the best hours of gameplay that I've had in a long time." Well, since TLoU came out, right Troy? And we wholeheartedly agree, as per our own assessment. As for who will play Joel in the upcoming movie , well…that'll be an interesting casting challenge.

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10 years ago

However, since the story of Joel is done, according to Naughty Dog, would his voice suit a new character in the same universe? Joel's voice is strong and distinct

10 years ago

You should go check out Troy on IMBD. He can do alllll kinds of different characters. He's in loads of different video games.

10 years ago

if they do another Last of Us i figure Joel, would be in it, albeit not as a main character. Have him in a role similar to Tommy or Bill

10 years ago

heres a few roles troy baker does for those that don't know him that well
hes the Joker in batman arkham origins
hes Ryu Hayabusa in Doa 5 and Ninja gaiden 3/ Razors edge
he plays Yamato and Pein in Naruto storm games
persona 4/ arena hes Kanji tatsumi
Yuri Lowell in tales of vesperia
FF13 Snow
Disgaea 4 hes Valvatorez
Lunar silver star story Ghalleon
and Joel the Last of us
i don't feel like typing in the whole list i just pointed out alot of different Main roles he plays

i think people should at least research the thing their making a story on and provide background knowledge before oh this person will come back in a sequel especially when their a well established voice actor

heres some other voice actors you should look at Michelle Ruff Crispin Freeman Kate Higgans Johnny Young Bosch

10 years ago

well i'd be disappointed if they made another TLOU and joel was in it and it wasn't voice by troy it just wudn't be right and there wud be a revolt and ND knows it so they need to be carefull

happy gaming =)

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